Is Barack Obama Too Nice


In the biopic Nixon, there’s a scene in which Richard Nixon played by Anthony Hopkins is talking to Jack Jones played by J.R. Ewing Larry Hagman and it gets tense. Tricky Dick suggests that he could have the IRS investigate him and J.R. err Jack asks Nixon if he was threatening him. (To check out the dialogue click here) Nixon response was “presidents don’t threaten, they don’t have to” and this statement may or may not been spoken by Nixon himself but it was a correct statement. The President of the United States doesn’t need to threaten anyone. He has the power to destroy the world. Why would he need to threaten someone to get them in line? Every man elected President of the United States have done things that could be considered unpopular yet the general population understands that the president is the boss and being the boss means that you will make unpopular choices. The people elects a president to make the tough choices and live with the choices made. No one wants a president to huff and puff; they want action, not threats. I want Barack Obama to stop being so nice.

For over twelve months, President Barack Obama has tried to walk this tightrope to keep both sides (that’s Democrats and Republicans) happy by trying to appease them. The Constitution gives the president broad powers to act in the best interest of the United States and yet President Obama is governing as if he needs permission to act. If it not the stimulus bill or health care or the ongoing wars, the president has every one raising a voice to what they want and the hell with him. Sen. Richard Shelby of Alabama told the Senate that he was going to put a blanket hold on all of Obama’s appointments unless he gets what he wants which is pork for Alabama. Fair enough, I understand that he is looking out for Alabama but he is doing it at the expense of the president. The Huffington Post ran this story on Tuesday in which the President threatens to use recess appointments to get his people into appointed jobs. Recess appointments are appointments made by the President when the Senate is in recess. Now this is a power given to the president straight from the Constitution and yet the president has to threaten. He has to threaten because he plays nicety-nice to the GOP. Instantly, I thought of the line in Nixon and I had to throw my hands up in the air. Barack Obama is “numbero uno” and yet he is being too humble and docile for me.

I commented on that story that Obama needs to get a little Marcellus Wallace, a little Nino Brown and a little Frank Lucas in him. Now I know these are movie characters though Frank Lucas is real but in Pulp Fiction, New Jack City and American Gangster, these characters were about the business and only their business. Now I don’t want President Obama to go around and killing Republicans that stand in his way like a gangster but it is clear that no one fears him. I want my president to have nuts the size of basketballs. Here you have the President of the United States and he have to give out soft threats to Senators he once served with. The people did not go to the polls to choose a soft leader. We went to the polls on November 4th, 2008 to put in place a man who said he was going to shake up Washington and I’m still waiting for that man. I want the President to stop telegraphing his intentions and just do what needs to be done. A leader does not let the left hand know what the right hand is up to. To quote a Nike slogan, “just do it.”

The President has to stop his opposition. He has to stop his opposition from holding him up and his polices and if that means he has to go “gangsta” on them, then so be it. As Nino Brown famously said; “if they don’t wanna roll with it, we’ll roll right over them” and you better believe the GOP have no problem doing just that. The town halls last year showed how far they are willing to go to get what they want. Being a moderator-in-chief can get you invited to Q&A sessions with the opposition but it won’t get you reelected if you fail to show strength through leadership. I want my president to be…..presidential even at the expense of his likable personality.


~ by R8RBOB on February 11, 2010.

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