No Apology Needed


Tiger Woods is sorry. He said sorry to his wife, he said sorry to his sponsors, he said to his business partners, he said sorry to his mother, he said sorry to his friends and he said sorry to the people of the world. But, he is not done yet. He said sorry to former presidents Clinton and Bush for giving Osama bin Laden a pair of his Nike golf clubs, he said sorry to the Jackson family for not attending the celebrity memorial for Michael, he said sorry to his fellow Cablasians for acting Black in the bedroom furthermore he is sorry for being sorry. Tiger needs not to apologize but accept what he is: HUMAN. A human who makes mistakes and own up to the mistakes. For the actions that he repeated over and over, he needs only to apologize to his wife. Any American who claims that they accepted his apology is clowning him.

The prepared statement that Tiger gave on Friday was the typical statement given when someone screws up. Plenty of cliché lines.

“I was unfaithful. I had affairs. I cheated.”

“irresponsible and selfish”

“I have bitterly disappointed all of you … I am so sorry.”

America deserves a real statement with teeth. America doesn’t want an apology. We want the truth not some retread statement that was used by characters like Eliot Spitzer, John Edwards and Peter Florrick from the Good Wife. Tiger needed a real statement and here is one that will deliver his message.

Good morning and thank you for joining me. You’re here today because I need to be open and honest about my current situation. Since the morning after Thanksgiving, my life truly became an open book. I betrayed my wife and I did it over and over and over again. I had affairs with 15 confirmed women that came to light because the women I engaged with decided that my friendship with them was not worth the dollars the tabloids were willing to pay to reveal everything.

People want to know how I could have done these things to my wife Elin and to my children. And while I have always tried to be a private person, there are some things I want to say.

Elin and I have had our share of problems. Now I don’t want to bash the mother of my children but I refuse to stand here and insult the intelligence of anyone listening and say that Elin and I were doing great. 15 mistresses say a lot doesn’t it!! Elin is a good woman and a great mother but life between us hasn’t always been great. I was wrong and I have apologized to Elin but it is up to her to decide what happenes next with us. I cannot strong-arm her into forgiving me and I don’t deserve to be forgiven but I can only hope that she will.

For the people here, my friends, family and those are watching I want to say that my actions were wrong but I am not sorry for it. You get the chance to be sorry the first time you mess up perhaps the second time or maybe a third time but after 15 mistresses you have crossed the point of no return. Saying sorry would be condescending. That would be like Hitler saying “I’m sorry” after the Nazis murdered the six millionth Jew. I knew what I was doing and I did it over and over again and to pretend that I’m sorry would be an insult to the millions who cheer for me.

As for Elin attacking me or not, can you not blame her if she did? Elin is a wife that discovered that the man she loves was cheating on her. I can’t blame her for her anger that night. She deserved my protection that night and I did just that, for Elin.

I must say that many will resent me and I completely understand. I am disappointed in my actions because I could have, no I should have been a bigger man and not given in to temptation but I did. I surrendered my vows, my honor and my image to sleep with multiple females who chose to be with me. I did not force them to bed Tiger Woods, it was mutual. I do not ask for forgiveness because I have not harm you but what I ask is that you not give up on the sport of golf that I and others have worked so hard to build up. The PGA need your support especially now. Do not punish the PGA because I’m not your favorite golfer.

My people wanted me to go to rehab to address my lust for sex but I can’t do that. I am living the life that I worked very hard for. I agree with many who said I should not get married so young but I thought by being married I would be grounded. That was a mistake. It is time for me to start living more and hiding less. I would like to announce my return to the greens. The Masters is a good 47 days away. I want to get back in the flow before the Masters so I am returning to the greens effective immediately. So, to repeat a phrase I used when I announced going pro: Hello World!!

I want to thank the PGA for allowing me this time to speak freely. I want to thank my friends and family for supporting me and I want to say to the fans that I will give you my blood, sweat and tears just as I have in the past. If you can accept my mistakes and become a fan again, I will see you on the 18th hole. Thank you.

Tiger Woods really didn’t need to apologize. He owned America nothing except his participation in his sport. What Tiger does behind closed doors is Tiger’s business. If he chooses to step out on his wife then that is for his wife to forgive him not America. Instead his handlers helped set up one of those cop-out press conferences in which Mr. Woods attempts to extract sympathy for his sins. Now that the press conference is over with, Tiger can go back to rehab and get his life right and live happier ever after. Not so fast Tiger, America haven’t finish collecting its pound of flesh.


~ by R8RBOB on February 22, 2010.

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