Separate But Equal

The Wire will be considered one of the greatest shows ever to appear on television. The series told so many stories that one could view it as being real life. For example, in season 1 of The Wire the Eastside and the Westside came together for a game of basketball. The East was “coached” by “Proposition” Joe Stewart and the West was “coached” by Avon Barksdale and they decided to place a wager on the game. The Eastside won the game but Avon questioned why the referee didn’t call a foul at the end of the game. The referee, clearly in fear of Avon suggested that he could put time back on the clock and “do the play over.” Avon knowing that there is no do-over rule in basketball went nuts. After he berated the referee, Avon then questioned his manhood because he would allow Avon to punk him out. (You can view the scene here, go to 6:11)


Back on February 20th, a group of white females representing the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority competed in a “stepping competition sponsored by Sprite. Stepping for the record is a Black thing. Black fraternities and sororities have been competing in stepping contests for years but this year the ladies from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville decided that they wanted to compete in the Sprite Step-Off. This is America, so why not? Zeta Tau Alpha beat their Black competitors and won the contest and the $100,000 prize and then all hell broke loose. Black folk who followed the contest felt that a Black sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha from Indiana University was cheated by the judges and people talked and talked until Coca-Cola, the parent company of Sprite decided to do a “do-over” of sorts and declared Alpha Kappa Alpha co-champions of the stepping contest due to a scoring error. As a measure of good will, Coca-Cola decided to give Alpha Kappa Alpha $100,000 instead of splitting the original $100,000 that they gave to Zeta Tau Alpha. Life is good, right?

Two thoughts on this:

1) Shame on Coca-Cola. Shame on them for rigging their own contest. Imagine if after the Super Bowl, the NFL discovered on video that Peyton Manning was blocked in the back (which he was) after he threw the interception that sealed the game for the Saints and decided that they probably would have scored a TD to tie the game so the league declared that both the Colts and Saints would be co-champions, what would be the aftermath? Rage!!! Rage that the NFL would go back and change the outcome after the game has ended. There are no do-overs. Once the clock hits zero and a winner has been declared, game is over. The women from Zeta Tau Alpha competed fairly, they were judged just like everyone else and they were declared the winner. Coca-Cola, bowing down to pressure from angry Blacks decided that they would change the outcome to pacify those who follow this event and everything is fixed. It only showed that with enough money, anything can be changed. How could anyone believe in a process that can be changed if one objects?

2) Anyone Black who have issues with Whites competing and winning events that are dominated by Blacks like stepping are racist. The Black/White barrier will always be the one barrier hardest to break apart but what these girls did should have been applauded because they were the away team and they came to play in front of a Black audience with Black judges. If the Black fraternities and sororities thought that they would get a Black pass because the girls were White then they deserved to lose. Enough with the racism! We can’t allow ourselves to blend in with racist Whites who believe that Blacks should not be in their sports like tennis and golf and hockey.

image Alpha Kappa Alpha should have turned down the title and the money but you can’t blow off $100,000 which is how Coca-Cola convinced them to participate in being a token champion. To go further they were crowned the Black champion for those angry Blacks that felt that a Black group should have won the Sprite Step-Off. Imagine if Alpha Kappa Alpha had won the contest and Coca-Cola would claim that Zeta Tau Alpha were scored incorrectly and therefore they too would be co-champion, would the backlash be minimal? Of course not. Jackson and Sharpton would be calling for a boycott of all Coca-Cola products. In the end, we have a Black champion and a White champion; separate but equal.


~ by R8RBOB on March 8, 2010.

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