Welcome To Greentown


When Battlestar Galactica ended last year, a number of the fans were displeased with the ending which showed the survivors of the 12 colonies landing on a planet that they called Earth. In a surprising move, the survivors sent all their ships and technology into the sun and they chose to live like the natives they discovered on the new “Earth.” To the fans, this was unrealistic. No way will human beings be so willing to discard the very tools that improved their way of life, but the producers wanted to show that through all their advancements, they also brought their near destruction. By discarding the tools that brought them joy and misery, they would have to start over, to make do and live with the results. Of course, man would once again improve its surroundings just as the final scene showed a new advanced civilization on Earth.

The city of Detroit is on the cusp of a crossroad. At the middle of the crossroad, Detroit has a decision to make. Which direction does it want to go? Detroit is not the same Detroit from 1910 when the auto industry was in its beginning stage. The auto industry that built Detroit from just another town to the Motor City has been broken into a million pieces and Detroit is looking like one of those lost cities from the old days with tumbleweeds blowing. Detroit needs to reinvent itself. Mayor Dave Bing has suggested that Detroit should shrink itself. This would include taking neighborhoods that has a shortage of residents and razing them. By doing this, the city then could stop servicing those areas as they would be no more than vacated land. Police, fire, electricity, water, garbage pickup, etc…can be utilized in areas that still have residents. A good idea but, the people need more than just knocking down houses and buildings just to leave the land vacant. A great city like Detroit still has so much to offer. Here’s a suggestion. How about “greening” the city.

In the past decade, efforts have been made to transform the United States into a green society. This won’t be easy because people love their comforts too much to give them up but what if there was a model to display the advantages of a green society? What if a major city in the United States that was once the hub for the auto industry could become a green society with green jobs, houses and buildings using green methods to heat, to supply electricity, to be eco-friendly to the environment? What if that city was Detroit? Could it be possible? Why not!! Treehuggers and politicians who want to get elected using a new shtick have the opportunity of a lifetime. Here you have the perfect city. A city with lots of water, idea weather conditions (hot in the summer, cold in the winter) and all the land one would ever need to set up a model green environment. (Did I forget an available workforce to set it all up?)

Of course, there will those who would say we don’t need green because it’s a farce. People will claim that everything is fine the way it is. That green provides no benefit and it does not save money or resources. Nevertheless, there is no reason not to try it out. Some cities across the globe are adjusting to a green way of life but Detroit can be more than just a “green city.” The federal government and organizations that are working for green could create a model in Detroit that would provide green jobs, green living and green attitudes toward the environment. This would be a win-win for Detroit, for organizations like Greenpeace and the government. Detroit can be the standard to transform the nation just like it did more than a century ago. All it requires is bold leadership and ambitious organizers. Detroit can once again be a city on the move. Now who is ready to give it a push?


~ by R8RBOB on March 11, 2010.

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