In My Words

Today, I want to share my words from my previous postings. There is still much to say but first a quick look back.

We are the master of our thoughts and our thoughts need to be fine-tuned like our cars. Hopefully, it is not too late for us to trim away the growth from our thoughts.

We would change our clothes, our shoes, our TV shows, our foods, our significant other, our jobs, our banks; in fact we would change everything about ourselves except we would not change us.

IMO, the greatest mystery of man is the unknown. We never know what is going to happen next and in many ways, it is scary as hell. Some people live their lives in fear because they don’t know what could happen next.

Thanks to Dr. King, not only Blacks have benefited from his work but people of all nations who want to call America home have benefited from the work of Dr. King.

—Supporters of Obama basically wanted one thing: for him to succeed. Opponents of Obama basically wanted one thing: for him to fail as Rush Limbaugh had suggested.

Any disappointment is viewed as a failure, any accomplishment will be deemed historic. President Obama’s year one was a year of unusual circumstances in which race, ideology, faith and class was called into question about his qualifications to govern

For years, I took for granted my potential which should have been used to improve my life and making a difference for others.

—Sometimes we have to take a “leap of faith and ride or die with the results.

The President of the United States has to play referee to two groups and try to make both of them happy which is live on television.

—Everyday things were basic. We had to read books, we had to pay our bills by mail, we had to balance a checkbook, we had to write our thoughts down on paper before we typed them on paper, we had to get up and change the channel on the television, we had to listen to our elders and somehow we have forgotten these basic steps in our wish to advance our society.

What started as aids to better our advancement as humans became more of a dependency. We are so dependent on our aids that we would be lost without them.

There were many factors for the road we detoured on; weak dollar, wars, lure of cheap labor overseas, cost of oil and the list goes on but the people are expecting our leaders to make up for a lost decade right away and that’s not possible.

—If you’re Black in America, you’ve been stereotyped. The food, the clothes, the slang, the jewelry were used to confirm the stereotypes labeled on Black people.

I’m sorry but I love my greens, I love my fried chicken breasts, I love my dressing, I love my macaroni and cheese, I love my chitlins, I love my cornbread, I love my sweet potato pie, I love soul food and if Whites are going mock me for it, pass me my Kool-Aid first.

The people did not go to the polls to choose a soft leader. We went to the polls on November 4th, 2008 to put in place a man who said he was going to shake up Washington and I’m still waiting for that man. I want the President to stop telegraphing his intentions and just do what needs to be done.

Did our society become so sadistic that we stopped caring about educating our children?

—Public Schools systems like Detroit should be humiliated that any student could go through the system and prove that it is broken.

Tiger Woods is sorry. He said sorry to his wife, he said sorry to his sponsors, he said to his business partners, he said sorry to his mother, he said sorry to his friends and he said sorry to the people of the world.

—Let’s see!!  Don’t want to deal with unions! (Check) Taxes too high! (Check) Industry standards too tough! (Check) Profit margin too low? (Check) I could go on but the point is made.

The problem with that is we put our faith in corporations which has only one goal: to increase their profits and if that means giving your job to the Billy Ray Valentines of the world to accomplish that goal they will.

People from all over the world now reside in the United States and they’re not going to separate Black history from White history. To them, it’s just American history.

In the end, we have a Black champion and a White champion; separate but equal.

The federal government and organizations that are working for green could create a model in Detroit that would provide green jobs, green living and green attitudes toward the environment.


~ by R8RBOB on March 15, 2010.

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