Can I Be Your Pimp

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People love to be on television. Somehow we want to be in front of that camera so that we can say “I was on TV.” To be fair, there are those who couldn’t allow themselves to be caught by the camera so they will do whatever to stay away from the camera but most of us want to be caught so we can have our moment. Out of those many who want to be on TV, some of us want to be famous and I mean really famous so the goal is not only to get in front of the camera but stay in front of it as long as they can.

If you could act, sing, play a sport, give a speech or give the news then you would be always on television but what about those souls have no talent then what? You become a fame-seeking whore. You will do whatever it takes to get your name and face out there so that every night someone turns on TMZ there you are on television being stalked by the paparazzi.

Recently, America was exposed to fame-seeking whoring when a tattoo model by the name of Michelle “Bombshell” McGee decided that now would be the right time to expose an affair that she had with Jesse James, the motorcycle builder and husband to Sandra Bullock who just won the Oscar for Best Actress. A fame-seeking whore is always whoring to be famous but when a window of opportunity opens up for them, they have already jumped through it. For McGee, now was the right time. Not six months from now, not a year from now, right now was the time to act and so she did it by selling her story for $30,000.

I can understand why people are whoring out for a chance to be famous. Thanks to Paris, Nicole, and Kim you can be famous for being famous. Who wants to get up and have to go the studio at 4 in the morning to perform your acting role when you can sleep in and fly to Vegas and get paid $1,000,000 just for appearing at a party? Who want to dread practicing dance moves over and over when you can model swimsuits and get paid handsomely for putting out a calendar?  Oh, I can’t forget about getting paid to tweet endorsements on Twitter. No average person would get such a sweet payday but a celebrity would. No wonder fame-seeking whores are doing whatever to become overnight celebrities.

In a way, I can’t hate on the fame-seeking whores because I understand that in the end it is always about the money. Just look at the Tiger Woods disaster for instance. One of the reasons why the stories about multiple women overlap each other is because some of the girls saw their moment of opportunity. Soon after one of the mistresses released a voicemail of Tiger every female who saw dollar signs and cameras came out and proudly admitted that they slept with a married man so that they too can get their fame and payday. These girls have dreamed of stardom and a flawed Tiger Woods felt into their laps. They could parlay this into a situation that would get them in the hottest clubs, photo shoots, reality television, etc…

In the movie, To Die For, Suzanne Stone (played by Nicole Kidman) said it best when she commented that “you aren’t really anybody in America if you’re not on TV” and a fame-seeking whore would agree that she was right. Many of us want to be somebody, to be noticed and if that means destroying a family or releasing a sex tape or writing a book releasing secrets of the rich and famous it will be done. All I ask is that these up and coming fame-seeking whores would select a pimp to manage their careers. Let the pimps get some of those scandalous dollars.


~ by R8RBOB on March 25, 2010.

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