Where Did I Leave Off


Nine months ago, I posted my last post. I was burned out after only 21 postings of my thoughts. It became a challenge to come up with new things to discuss here on my blog. I tried to touch on many subjects but I starting frying my brain and I had to step back. I thought I would miss a couple of postings and resume my postings but as time went by, I got lazy and didn’t want to post and nine months later, I’m back. So, the question is: am I am going to start posting again? Yes I am. Not two a week but I am going to post something each week. The day to post is still in the air but I need to share my thoughts so read and just feel me or not but at least read.

So nine months have passed. What has occurred in the last nine months? Let’s see Tiger and Elin divorced, Mariah finally got pregnant, the Lakers (sounds of me hissing) repeated as champions, Lost ended and everyone was dead not to mention within a two-day period we lost this Jack and this Jack and that Jack from our TV screens, health care reform was passed, “The Boss” died, (not that Boss, this Boss) and who cannot forget “The Decision” but 2010 will be remembered for how the Democrats allowed the Republicans to turn back the clock. Now, I could spend my time talking about Democrats and Republicans but I am not going to waste my time. with that. Instead I want to talk about the people.

I want to speak about the people who are the victims of this government and this country.  Not the people who support the Tea Party, not the politicians, not the millionaires and billionaires that somehow been able to fly above the damage but the average citizen who once upon a time, worked, raised their children, were members of their communities; yes those people. To get a layman understanding on how bad things are; just blow off the dust off your Titanic videotape and pop it in the VCR. When the ship was going down who got the opportunity to live? Anyone that had a name or knew someone with a name. Who was supposed to die? All those in steerage. Why? Because they didn’t matter. Get the parallel? Everyday ordinary Americans no longer matter and that is why the decision makers didn’t bat an eye when they moved their industries offshore and Americans lost their jobs. And what about the banks? The same banks that tries to sell to their customers that they are there to help them but at the same time trapped the people into contracts that were guaranteed losers for the homeowners. Why did they allowed two wars to continue? Young American boys barely old enough to shave are dying each week and for what? These things happened because the people no longer matter except at election time.

So what happens next? Do we somehow get those industries that fled the United States to come back with those jobs currently filled with Chinese men and women? Can America finally move forward and develop new technologies that can propel the United States as a major player in the 21st century? Do we continue to pass out unemployment benefits knowing that no new jobs are coming anytime soon? Do we expect to live as third-world citizens? What should the people do? I have no idea. Do you?


~ by R8RBOB on December 4, 2010.

One Response to “Where Did I Leave Off”

  1. Welcome back. The web page looks great. But, some of the text makes me wonder just what are you asking, saying, or trying to say?
    Your questions about the place of the US in the new century, regaining the jobs lost in the last 2 decades and more, indicate to me we have a vastly different world view point. Now, I know that you are well aware of current events. I have no doubt about that. But, as I once wrote you I believe the gates to hell are opening by design in obambam’s quest to “radically change” the very nature of this nation. And our imam loving 5th column poverty pimp POTUS literally means “radically” as in by radicals to establish a totalitarian state. If you think there have been victims of this nation in the past, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Have you ever seen the video of a discussion about the government under the rule of today’s radicals as explained by one of the radicals? He explained the public would fall into line with most of whatever the government dictated but there would be a segment which would resist. They would have to go to re-education centers for reorientation. And, still there would be people unreachable. He estimated as many as 20 million may have to be “eliminated”. Oh, that could never happen here. Curently, this administration in concert with congress and supreme court are using the Constitution only for toilet paper. With a good crisis, obama, thanks to GW, has the power to completely seize control of the entire nation- Marshall law.
    Are you familiar with the term “top down, bottom up, inside out”? Well, Van Jones is a disciple of the principle. This plan is on-going at this very minute. SEIU and other unions will be essential to its success. The economic collapse of this nation is a very real possibility. Are you familiar with the term “Unified Quest” 2011? This may be a step child of the old REX 84 program. I know a guy who now lives in Phoenix and is retired army. He participated in the 80’s in army exercises aimed at controlling the civilian population in the event of civil riots. We read about the riots currently happening in Europe. There are those in prominent positions in this administration who advocate the utility of riots in this nation. This would be a crisis so loved by our community organizing hate monger in the WH. Tell me would you really think for a moment obama is beyond concocting a crisis. The TARP, bailout, stimulus squandering of the nation’s future is destroying the economy. Obama’s insane program solves nothing it is intended or touted to fix. As long as the money flows the end is slowed but they cure nothing. California being run for the benefit of crack heads, perverts, and welfare queens is in worse shape than Greece. Virtually every statistic, budget statement, and news release is a complete lie. What is going on with the census results? Obama moved the entire project to the WH where he can carefully edit the results. In answer to your questions concerning the jobs, there is no one, no faction, no nation including this one interested in getting the jobs back. I read Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are still giving loans to dead beats. But, guess what, no one forces the loans onto people who can’t afford them. Under our 5th column poverty pimp prez plans are set to bypass congress, and the Constitution in the in-acting laws unread and unwritten by congress. Is it true, obama has just given Russia control over 50% of the uranium output of, I believe, Wyoming? Obama wants sign the START Treaty, have the UN investigate the US for violating human rights. Guess who sits on that commission. Countries like Iran, China etc. Where do we get the electricity from to charge up 100 million electric cars? The Volt takes 2 hours to charge for every 5 miles you want to drive with 110 outlets. What do you think of the Wet Backs Wet Dream Act? How about a VAT tax? How about the voluntary redistribution by the US to a world poverty elimination program for the world’s poor? In 2008, Obama proudly stated his energy program would necessarily cause our energy costs to “sky rocket”. The hilarious part is that he wouldn’t make a pimple on a dog’s butt. He has no energy plan. The plan to which he refers is a product of his handlers. I’m sure you are aware that currently the inflation index for consumers costs does not include food or energy prices. So while the public is being raped by huge increases the costs of food and energy, obama will be jacking up your taxes, installing a European health care system. Are you familiar with the “Whole Life” medical care program?
    As for the poor, I agree with Dennis Miller, I too believe the helpless deserve the nation’s attention and help. But, I don’t see why those who work are supposed to be stripped of one cent of hard earned wages to be given by vote whore politicians to the totally clueless fuck ups out there. They are poor for a simple reason and will always be with us.

    Obam shut down drilling in the gulf after he took 3 months to even recognizes hundreds of millions of barrels were be dumped into the Gulf. He promised $2 billion + to Brazil to aid in their deep water oil drilling. So he kills jobs here and promises money to a program in Brazil funded by George Soros. Now just when do you think this clown in the WH will make any effort to return jobs here.
    OK, I’ll give you a break. But, we haven’t even scratched the surface of this jack wad’s intentions, actions, and circle of friends. How about a terrorist with 258 criminal charges convicted of one. It does not sound like the AG was very serious in prosecuting the case. He is too busy suing Arizona from enforcing laws the feds refuse to enforce. The feds now pick and chose the laws they will enforce. And laws affecting wet backs are not on the list. Guess what, California law reads, and has for years, exactly like the AZ law just written. The feds don’t sue CA because they know CA has no intention of enforcing their laws. How’s this radical change working for you? We won’t get into the AG’s statement that he will not prosecute blacks for election law violations. Did I hear the word ”racists” anywhere?


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