Archive Thoughts – February

February 28, 2010

The Earth Strikes Back

The Earth is mad. Mad as hell. For centuries, man has polluted the waters, dug deep to steal her blood, mined every bit of mineral it could strip and poisoned the air. Can we not be surprised when we hear news of a major catastrophic event? The Earth has enough of man treating her like trash, so the only way we are going to learn of the repercussions of disrespecting her is death and destruction. Just looking back the last seven years there has been one disaster after the next. America had Katrina, China had a major earthquake in 2008, the tsunami of 2004, Haiti in January and now Chile. The people of Earth better do some praying because 2012 is approaching and if you believe the Mayas idea that the world is going to end, watch out.

Death passes no one



February 27, 2010

Switching up might have worked

One might speculate that a perk that comes with wealth is the availability of women for said rich guy. A man of wealth won’t have to come up with some mind-blowing line to get a woman, his wealth will be enough to capture her attention. And as a bonus, he isn’t restricted to one particular type of woman, he can any of the many types around the world. Today, it was announced that America’s disgraced Cablinasian, Tiger Woods was bounced from Gatorade. Another sponsor has burned their contract with Tiger and we have to question why? Cheating on wife is not a punishable offense maybe a costly offense but you can’t go to jail over it. Nevertheless, the sponsors are playing him like he was convicted of a felony. So, the question is this: is Tiger Woods being dropped like a hot potato because he cheated on his wife with 15 women or did he cheat on his wife with 15 White women. Somewhere in a conference room, nervous executives are asking if this guy could sell our product to White America and at the same time lust for their daughters. Tiger should have switched up. A Latina here, A sista there, maybe a little Thai or some Japanese could have showed Tiger as a diverse kind of fellow. Instead he ended up looking like another Black man preying on White women.

A tiger should have changed his stripes



February 26, 2010

Nature just isn’t civilized

Human beings love learning lessons the hard way even if that means death. We tend to believe that because this is our world all animals will bow to our will. Animals are in a world of their own yet somehow our worlds keep collided. Take the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irvin for example. Irvin grew up around animals so he understood the dos and don’ts when it came to interacting with animals yet he made a mistake and surprised a stingray and paid for it with his life. Roy Horn of Siegfried and Roy was another human who forgot that all the training in the world will not bring this creatures to our world. Lucky for him, he survived but he will never be the same. The event that occur at Sea World this week should be a lesson to all that animals will always be animals no matter how much training you give it. According to the video released, the trainer was playing with the killer whale when she moved her head causing her pony tail to spin around. If anyone ever watched the movie Orca you know that killer whales are smart and this killer whale remembered that pony tail when she got in the water. To the whale the pony tail was something to play with and like other “animal attacks” it acted on instinct and grabbed it just as a dog would fetch a stick after its master tossed it. It’s too bad about the trainer but we can’t be surprised to hear stories like this. Man and animal will always be different and training them won’t bridge the gulf.

Animals will animals.



February 25, 2010

We just not into you at this time

Imagine yourself as the owner of a popular product and someone comes to you and say hey are you selling this? For years, you knew as you build your product line a day would come when someone would want to buy from you. So what do you do? Sell and move on to something new or do you keep it because it is your baby. You just can’t see yourself without it. So you keep it and years later the product goes bust and you can’t give it away. So now you are stuck with a product that just don’t sell. Enter General Motors. GM is going to shut down the Hummer line because a China company backed out of buying the line. I would not say that the Chinese company didn’t want Hummer. I would say that they wanted GM to give it to them for a song and a dance and GM would not budge. The Hummer had its day but General Motors made the mistake of holding on to the line for too long. So long Hummer, hopefully you will get to live on CSI:Miami.

So long Hummer……



February 24, 2010

He’s dead, why blame me

When a tragedy occurs, family and friends are experiencing emotions that pops up after someone has died. Anger tends to creep out quite a bit because the mind has to comprehend that the person you are grieving for is no longer living and you are questioning whey they had to die. I recall getting angry with my mother after my grandfather died. Your ability to control your emotions is very shaky and boom you explode like a bomb. But, of course you know that you were wrong and you apologize for losing control and the family continues to grieve. The widow of the IRS employee, Vernon Hunter who died when Joe Stack crashed his plane is suing the widow of Joe Stack. Now, it is understandable that Mrs. Hunter who lost her husband in a senseless act of selfishness would be angry and she wants someone to pay for this but to sue the widow of Stack is overkill. Now is not the time to file a lawsuit. Right now there are two families grieving a loss and filing a lawsuit only increase those angry emotions that come out at a time like this.

Have you sued anyone today?



February 23, 2010

A man must have a plan

Funny how in Detroit, activists are protesting to crack down on strip clubs and a stripper from one of those clubs gave me a quote that would ring loudly in my ears; “a man must have a plan.” The man in charge must always have a plan to make things happen. We can “wing it” but that only goes so far. Without detailed steps to follow, even the simplest of things like screwing in a light bulb can be disastrous. President Obama has released his health care plan and though it is noble that he wants to primed the stalled process of getting health care reform but this plan is a year late. Before the debate for health care started last year, the President should had a plan presented to the House and Senate and said, “here are my proposed plan. work with the ideas that I proposed and I will support it.” Instead he had the House and Senate greased the wheels for reform and we got town hall outrage and “death panels” from Sarah Palin and {{bang}} everything went straight to hell. The President has to understand that you can’t come to the party late with gifts after the party has ended. There is a phrase for that. It’s called being a party pooper and you better believe the Republicans are going to remind America that Obama came to the party late.

The last president to deal with health care….perhaps



February 22, 2010

Sometimes we have to give credit

Growing up in the inner cities, you see things. One might see carjackings, B&Es, assaults, and many more including murder. Now over the years, the idea that one should not snitch became commonplace because the criminals put fear in the citizens so much so that many crimes that could be solved were not solved because people would not snitch. Some citizens are taking a stand against these criminals who are free to rob and terrorize at will. In Detroit, a citizen who was minding his own business was ambushed at a ATM and was shot and killed by a woman toting a gun. Another life lost because someone thought that they could follow the same terrorizing thugs that plague the city. Once the story hit the news with the video of the murder, citizens who knew the whereabouts of this woman reported to the police and today she and her accomplice are both in jail. Both of them would still be free if not for the actions of good citizens who had enough of the crime.

Stop Snitching….Not



February 20, 2010

Do we want words or do we want money

If you give out a broad apology to everyone and not to the ones who were affected, was it a real apology? To apologize means that you have to confront the person who you have hurt and with an sincere look in your eyes say I’m sorry and maybe that person will forgive you. You can’t stand on a stage and say I’m sorry over and over again and not name names other than your wife and your mother. People want to hear their name called out during a press conference if only to get a cheap pop. For nearly 30 minutes Friday morning, Tiger Woods took over television to give his “I’m sorry (Nike)” statement. Though he mentioned Elin 14 times, he did not mention his 15 mistresses not one time. These girls in their own delusional minds believe that Tiger was in love with them and they were in love with him though he had a wife at home. Someone should have told these girls that the Cabliasian was runnin’ game on them. He told them what they wanted to hear and now poor Joslyn James is falling apart waiting for Tiger to apologize to her. Adding to the insanity, Gloria Allred who is always looking for her own cheap pop is really making a molehill into a mountain.

Introducing Joslyn…. Victoria…….whatever



February 19, 2010

Laying down the smackdown

In my post Is Barack Obama Too Nice I commented that President Obama need to channel Marcellus Wallace, Nino Brown and Frank Lucas. After reading about how President Obama “scolded” House Republican Minority leader John Boehner, it made me think of recreating the scene in New Jack City when Nino laid the smackdown to G-Money because of losing the Carter. Barack Obama will play the part of Nino Brown, John Boehner is G-Money, Eric Cantor is Kareem, Rahm Emanuel is the Duh Duh Man and Valerie Jarrett is Keisha.

BO: You’re incapable of running this sh..(JB rises up) Sit your five-dollar ass down before I make change.

JB: (Sitting down) Eric brought it to my attention. I got 177 members in the House and I can’t keep my eyes on all of them. If you were takin’ care of business we…

BO: If I was what, If I was what? Say it again. Whatcha say?

JB: Nothin’

BO: That’s what I thought you said, cause that’s what I got right now nothin’ Health care reform, reduced to fu….. rubbish! (BO slams a bust of Ronald Reagan on Eric’s hand then chokes him with Bo’s chain)

EC: (Screams loudly)

VJ: Sh..

BO: What huh!!!

RE: Barack!!!

BO: It’s your responsibility (still strangling Cantor while looking at Boehner)

RE: (Screaming as he jumps up) Barack!!!

BO: (Removing chain and bust) I never liked you anyway, pretty motherfu…. (Next to JB) What’s the matter, Boehner? What’s up with you? Why are you letting some sh.. like who I’m laying the pipe to fu.. with you? You’re bigger than that. Something like this can never happen again. (BO pulls straight razor and puts it on JB’s neck, slaps his face) (to the room) get the fu.. out.

Now that the scolding that the President should be laying out. Slapping tables and pointing fingers just isn’t strong enough.

The original scene with Nino Brown and G-Money



February 18, 2010

On a recruitment drive

The idea of revolution is to go against forces that don’t represent the people best interests. For example, the people of Iran revolted against the Shah because he was a greedy dictator who would let the people starve while he lived in luxury. In the Philippines, the people had enough of the Marcos regime and he was out. In all parts of the world, revolution occurred because the people just had enough of the BS and they were going to travel a new path. They didn’t absorb themselves into the same system to create change. It does not work like that. Change is about introducing something new or it is not change, it’s the same old, same old. In Arkansas, Sarah Palin told the Tea Party members that they “kind of start picking a party.” Whoa,!! Isn’t the Tea Party attempting to be “a party?” After all, they claim that Washington is not working because both parties have failed the people yet Madame Palin is telling them that they have to pick a side. What happened to being Independent? I guess that is not good enough anymore. The Tea Party may have a wolf in sheep clothing in their mist.

The Tea Party is not a real party



February 17, 2010

Are you one of the NIMB people

When I was living in California, I discovered the NIMB people. The NIMBs (NIM-B) were the one who would fight anyone and anything that affected their lives. For example, if there was a proposal to erect new power lines to supply electricity to an area, the NIMB would be in force protesting that the lines would give their kids cancer. If the city or town wanted to create a landfill, the NIMB would point out that the landfill would lower the taxes in the area even though their trash is going to that same landfill. If a retailer wanted to build one of those big-boxed stores in their neighborhood, all hell is going to break loose. Too much traffic and noise. The NIMB cannot be pleased and they will not be stopped. As long as government or retail exist, they will rear their ugly head to protest and stop progress. Now that President Obama has agreed for the government to issue loans to build the first nuclear plant in thirty years, the NIMB will prepare to fight the government on building this plant. In this desire to provide clean energy to the energy-starved people of America, people like Obama have forgotten why nuclear power was always frowned on: waste. As long as there is no solution as to what to do with the waste, you will have the NIMB, Greenpeace and every environmental organization fighting the government on building new nuclear plants.

(N)ot (I)n (M)y (B)ackyard



February 16, 2010

You’re never too rich to learn

What if someone told you that a female athlete who has made over 30 million dollars in her career was taking classes to be a certified nail technician, would you believe it? Now what if I said it was Serena Williams, would you believe it? Knowing the history of Serena’s outside interests, I would take it seriously. Fresh off winning the Australian Open, the 12-time Grand Slam Champion decided that she would take a course to be certified as a manicurist nail technician. I suppose one could look at this from two points of view.

First POV: Serena is proving that the rich have all the breaks. Here is a woman who can win a million dollars for wining one of the 4 Grand Slams and she can take time off whenever she pleases to take a class in something that she will never do for a living. Working-class people can’t take off work for periods at a time to take a course in something they may never use. You won’t see Donald Trump learning how to mix cement to build one of his skyscrapers.

Second POV: Serena is one of those types who want to learn as many skills as she can. The wealth that she acquired allows her the benefits that Americans like myself would dream of. Here lies a woman of color who had to work her way through a sport and she dominated it and she made lots of money doing it. There is nothing wrong with someone wanting to learn a new trade. Even one who got millions of dollars in the bank.

I’m sure Serena will be good and maybe I can get a pedicure from her. It would make my day have a millionaire doing my toes. I will be rooting for you Serena at the French Open.

Career change, perhaps!!



February 15, 2010

The election is over and you can go home now

Old saying: All’s fair in love and war.

The problem with politics is that nothing is fair and honest. Everything that is promised is said for one reason: to one-up the opponent. Politicians will say and do anything to get elected. When President Barack Obama was candidate Obama, he came across Sam from around the way and had a conversation about taxes and buying the boss’ plumbing business. Ok, the talk didn’t go so well and perhaps Obama thought he would never see this loser again but even Obama didn’t expect what would happen next. Enter John McCain. Candidate McCain decided to act on “All’s fair.” He introduced Samuel Wurzelbacher to America and turned him into “Joe the Plumber” defender of middle earth America. He propped him up as a real American and had him going out on the campaign trail to stump for him. Perhaps Joe the Plumber thought that there would be something in it for him if he can get McCain elected. Meghan’s phone number would be a good start, she is an heiress. McCain lost and Joe the Plumber was given a bus ticket back to Ohio. After attempts to prolong his 15 minutes have failed, Joe the Plumber is angry with McCain because he used him. Join the club buddy. Didn’t he know it was an election?

The Plumber Strikes Back



February 14, 2010

Cancelled due to inclement weather

Ok, everyone knows that the Olympics, winter and summer is planned years in advance so we cannot fault a host city for the weather turnout but when you are hosting the Winter Olympics, the fans expect to see some snow. You know the white stuff that falls this time of the year in North America. To see rain falling in Vancouver is quite depressing because it does not give the image that this is the Winter Olympics. Everything is suppose to white and cold. Watching Wayne Gretzky on the streets of Vancouver with the Olympic flame made me wonder if he was really in Seattle.  I know that Canada wanted the Winter Olympics and Vancouver is one of those world class cities that would be an ideal city to host but the weather is going to be a downer. Already they had to delay the skiing competition because the rain is melting the snow they trucked in. Vancouver needed the snow that hit the United States with the below freezing temperatures to make it right. I’m afraid they are going to be skiing down the mountain and end up in a puddle. And oh, Happy Valentine’s Day

What if the snow melts away?



February 13, 2010

The burden hardest to bear

For the record, I have never heard of Alexander McQueen. When I first caught his name, I thought he was the son of Steve McQueen. (clueless) Mr. McQueen sadly committed suicide days after the death of his mother. What caught my attention was this this 40 year old had a career as a designer and was a success. It’s known that McQueen was very close to his mother and her death really tore him up. Until, a couple of years ago, I would viewed this as a coward who took the easy way out. But I am much wiser and I know in those quiet moments when it is just you and your thoughts, the demons will come out and torment you. The feeling of lost is hard. Losing a love one through death or to another will hit you hard. It will make you ponder all your dark thoughts. Thoughts such as killing yourself or killing a rival is always racing in your mind and they are strong. Most people are strong enough to resist those dark thoughts and move on. Life comes only once. There is no do-over. We can’t go back into the past to relive the moments. We just have to accept that our time continues and we must move forward. As for Mr. McQueen, God rest his soul. He was tortured living this world without his mother. Very sad.




February 12, 2010

Is it mines or is it still yours?

Imagine you go and buy a new car and after some time you discover that you would like to enhance the vehicle and you discover that you can’t add third-party products on the car. Instead, you are required to buy products only from the manufacturer. I thought that if you buy it, you own it yet the manufacturer still control the product because if you want get add-ons or if you need it repaired, you have to go to the manufacturer. Well, the iPhone is the car and Apple is the manufacturer. Even though you have bought the iPhone and pay monthly to AT&T for service, Apple has the phone locked down so that you can’t install applications on your phone unless you go through their AppStore. Many owners have jailbreak (remove the block) their phones to so they can have the choice of installing whatever application they choose. I understand that Apple wants to protect their brand but once that phone is sold, it belongs to the buyer and that buyer can do as he or she pleases. What Apple is doing is basically renting the phone like an apartment.

Remove the ball and chain



February 11, 2010

Hitting XX

Nineteen seasons ago, a action-adventure reality show hit the air on CBS that showed the lives of 16 survivors marooned on an island off the coast of Indonesia. You could say it was Gilligan’s Island meets the The Real World. These 16 individuals with different personalities, different occupations had to follow the motto of the game which were three simple words: Outwit, Outplay, Outlast. From all the backstabs, the blindsides, creations of alliances, winning challenges and voting out fellow tribe mates, America continues to tune in to see the next batch of prey that will play the game as it was first played back in the spring of 2000. It is hard to believe that Survivor has made it to twenty seasons. Tonight, the twenty season premieres with some faces from the past. No doubt this season will be as entertaining as the previous 19 season so enjoy the show.

Are you a hero or a villain?



February 10, 2010

The spirit of man

Many of us with go through life never having to experience an event in which we would have to decide if it is worth fighting to stay alive in the most difficult situation. We have read of such events, we have watched TV shows and movies when a character faced with a difficult choice: fight to live or give up and die. Yesterday, a man trapped in debris as a result of the earthquake that hit Haiti was found alive after 27 days. Here is a situation in which this man could have given up and died. The world that he once knew was forever changed. Friends and family are dead, the homeland in ruins and yet he fought to live. 27 days and he didn’t give up. The human body is  fragile but the spirit of man is as hard as a diamond and as bright as the sun. We can do anything and we survive anything.

Fighting to survive



February 9, 2010

Not perfect enough

In 1990, a body model was used to be the body on the promotional poster for Pretty Woman. Julia Roberts was just the head. Julia may have been the girl next door but she didn’t have the body of the girl on the corner. IMO, the movie studio didn’t believe that Julia’s body could sell the idea that she was portraying a prostitute to movie goers. During the Super Bowl, one of the commercials aired featuring Megan Fox had her in a bathtub with a Motorola phone in her hand. It was a great commercial but one thing was obvious, a body model was used to play Megan Fox’s right hand. Anyone who follows Ms. Fox knows she has what you call clubbed thumbs. Here lies one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood and she is not perfect but TIIC would create an illusion to make Ms. Fox perfect to sell a product. Anyone who has seen Ms. Fox in films know about her thumbs. Watching that commercial, I started to question if that was Megan Fox looking hot in the bathtub because of the hand shot. Poor Heidi Montag, I can understand why she would get 10 surgeries in one day. She is so afraid that someone would tease her looks and she will never get work in Hollywood.

Projecting perfection is everything



February 8, 2010

Aints No More

On the HBO series The Wire, dope dealer Avon Barksdale would comment that you serve only two days in jail. The day you go in and the day you come out. Let’s flip that saying for the Saints. They did their two days. The first day was when Katrina hit, taking lives, flooding the city, changing the region. For a city that hung on a cliff uncertain as to what the future held, this was a moment that they will never forget. Katrina was a knock-out punch and many questioned why rebuild this city. The Saints own future in this city was in doubt when the owner was thinking of relocating to San Antonio but in the end the Saints stayed and the people came back home and they rebuilt house by house, neighborhood by neighborhood. They patched up the Superdome and cleaned it up and welcomed the Saints home in 2006. The Saints did their part to reenergize the home base to renew pride in New Orleans and on 2/7/10 they did their second day when they won the Super Bowl. Congratulation to the people of New Orleans and the Saints, Super Bowl Champions 2009.

Super Bowl XLIV Champs



February 7, 2010

What’s in your hand

Ever since Barack Obama came on the scene, one thing has dogged him. His use of the teleprompter. The teleprompter is Obama’s security blanket. It prevents him being mocked for butchering the English language like Bush. Listen to right-wingers and they would claim that Obama is just an empty suit without it. President Obama to his credit has embraced the use of this device to deliver his message which is not really a big deal because everyone who has to give speeches regularly will use one. Imagine newscasters give the news off the cuff with no teleprompter. It would be a disaster. “Breaking news, this just in from……I don’t know, it’s in..whatever.” A disaster without the teleprompter. President Obama was mocked tonight by Sarah Palin for using the teleprompter and she forgot that she was live on television. And by being on television meant that all cameras were on her and her every move and the cameras caught some that showed that even she is not perfect.

If you are reading this…..



February 6, 2010

It’s Against Our Dress Code

So, the Super Bowl is Sunday and of course team pride is always going to show when your team is in the big game. I can recall when the Oakland RAIDERS played in SB XXXVII and for that week, I was in SILVER and BLACK heaven, that is until the day of the game when I landed in hell. A fan is going to support their team and wear the colors no matter where they’re located. You just have to represent right? Well, a Colts fan did just that represented his team wearing their jersey at school. The problem with wearing the Colts jersey is that the school is located in Naw’lins and Friday was Black-and-Gold Day. The school encouraged the students to wear Saint colors. Seems this young man thought that he could wear the jersey of the opponent because the school was relaxing the dress code for this one special day. Wrong, the school decided that he was committing blasphemy and sent him home for violating the dress code even though they relaxed the policy for this one day. Too bad no one told the principal that not everyone has to be a fan of the home team.

Wear your Black and Gold



February 5, 2010

Poof, the disappearing act continues

Yesterday, I added a new post Let’s Talk About Jobs and I wanted to bring to light that there not going to be a rescue for American women looking for work. We listen to the media say that this is not going to last forever that we have been through this before and we got through this. One thing to remember: the world is a bit more civilized. We can’t act as if foreigners live in caves. Imagine if the previous administration as well as the current one would have moved away from being warmongers and focus on building and strengthen industries in the United States. Billions of dollars being given to the Pentagon could have used for a second New Deal. Americans should ask themselves, why was so much focus was given to the war on terrorism? One might say, well if there wasn’t a war on terrorism, then Bush would had to focus on the economy and that was not possible because they knew they couldn’t stop the corporations from sending jobs out of the country. So, jobs are still disappearing and there is no stopping the blood gushing.

We need a blood transfusion



February 4, 2010

Time to shoot the messenger

President Obama has a problem. He is too earnest with his remarks. I respect that he will speak his mind, but I am not President of the United States. You just can’t say whatever you are feeling regardless how true the statement is. In the past few days, the President forgot that he is not candidate Obama. First, he makes another comment about spending money in Vegas which left Las Vegas red with anger. Thanks to the recession, Vegas is not bringing the loot they used to bring in. Yes, they still have the high rollers rolling in but the little people are not spending their last to travel and the President isn’t helping when he reminds the voters not to spend their last…in Vegas. He is indirectly affecting their bottom line. Second, during his Q&A with the Democrats he made comments about turning off the cable news networks which prompted MSNBC to break away from the coverage because the President hurt the network feelings. Someone has to tell the President that he does not want to turn the networks against him because they will because of off the cuff remarks.

Turning off the TV



February 3, 2010

The queen of Facebook

Recently, Sarah Palin called for the president to fire Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel after sources leaked that he used the word “retarded” in a vulgar slur targeting a group of whiny liberals. Based on reports of his personality, this is natural for him using salty language and I for one hate the word retarded. It is an offensive word and because of Sarah Palin and her Facebook page, she sic the dogs on him for using the word and Emanuel apologized. This isn’t the first time that Palin’s Facebook page has ignited a firestorm and it is getting a bit scary. Here is a woman who lost with McCain and walked away from her day job and somehow she is presenting her views from Facebook and the media runs with every word. Had Joe Lieberman done this during the first term of the Bush administration, he would be labeled a kook with too much time on his hands.

Facebook dictated policies



February 2, 2010

Something Wicca This Way Comes

Who would have thought that a show about three female witches would have lasted eight seasons on television if there weren’t some people who actually believe in witches and warlocks and demons. For the record, I loved Charmed for the entertainment value not the belief that we live in a world with witches and warlocks and demons. Back to to the believers, it appears that a witch decreed that his girlfriend was a warlock and she had to be vanquished after breaking a Wicca blood oath.

Breaking the Wicca blood oath



February 1, 2010

Is It Compassion Or Is It For Profit

I suppose when a disaster occurs, its open season for whatever. For example, during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, residents of Naw’lins decided that they would help themselves to goodies not yet soaked in water like flat screen TVs. Half the city was underwater so who is going to care a wet, homeless, hungry survivor walks out the store with a TV. Just saying!! Good “Christian” Americans have decided it’s GOD’s will that they travel to earthquake-ravaged Haiti and save the homeless, orphaned children or do they have another motive. I guess the old saying is true, “never pass up an opportunity.”

Helping the children in Haiti???


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