Archive Thoughts – March

March 15, 2010

Should I be worried

Recently, I watched the movie 2012 and I never been one of those people who believe that the world that we know it is going to end because of some disaster like a meteorite. That said, with all the earthquakes that are occurring across the globe people may have to pause and wonder what’s going on? The plates are moving and the earthquakes are getting stronger and stronger. I personally have hopes of returning to California one day in the near future and I don’t want the Oakland Coliseum becoming a coral reef in the San Francisco Bay.

Map of the world


March 11, 2010

Channeling Clay Davis

Ex Detroit City Councilwoman Monica Conyers, the wife of Rep. John Conyers is going to jail for a single count of bribery. She went down fighting but it was too little, too late. Perhaps she should have channeled state senator Clay Davis. Now he knew what to say to get off.



March 10, 2010

Can a BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) really be taken seriously in Hollywood

Throughout the history of Hollywood, one thing mattered more than acting: appearance. From face lifts to bulimia, actors and actresses have tried every method needed to keep an appearance worthy of being in front of a camera. The slightest wrinkle on the forehead to being 5lbs under/over your recommended weight could be a deal breaker. Yesterday, Howard Stern commented that Gabourey Sidibe was enormous and that she would not be in another movie again. He was wrong because she is in another film but is her acting career short-lived? Is Ms. Sidibe just a flavor of the week? It is hard to believe that Gabby would be a sought after actress anytime in the near future. Oprah might have been a bit too gracious with her words toward Ms. Sidibe knowing her own battles with weight. I would hate to see see this young girl become a heavy Lindsay Lohan, trying to make everyone happy.

Hollywood isn’t for everyone

March 9, 2010



Back to beginnings

Throughout its 309 years of existence, Detroit has been known by many names. The Paris of the West! The Motor City! Motown! The “D!” Arsenal of Democracy!

Now Detroit may be getting a new nickname: Greentown. The media has scooped up the story that Detroit is trying to shrink itself due to decreased population; reduced taxes and a imploded auto industry. The idea that farmland may once again claim neighborhoods that were built to supply auto workers with homes, schools to educate the children and stores and businesses to service the community is puzzling. Puzzling that a city who once had a population of 1.8 million people is on the cusp of shrinking, but with lack of jobs and a high crime rate, living in Detroit just isn’t desirable to those residents who want out or those wish to relocate to Michigan.

Greentown……everyone is welcome



March 8, 2010

Bring back the real NBA

The year was 1980 and I was 9 years old. I was laying in bed sick as a dog and on the TV was a NBA game. I remember the NBA back in the 70’s as dreadful. The Detroit Pistons (pre-Isiah) sucked and watching them was like getting poked in the eye every 15 minutes. It was terrible. As I laid in bed watching this game (I think it was the Celtics vs the Suns) I saw this guy shooting jumper after jumper and I said to myself, “who’s that White boy?” The White boy was Larry Bird in his rookie year and I was blown away as he was shooting his jumpers. From that day forward I was a Larry Bird fan and a Celtics fan. The 80’s was great for the NBA. You had Magic and the Lakers in the west, Bird and the Celtics in the east and everyone else. Life was good. Saturday night, HBO showed “Magic & Bird, a Courtship of Rivals’’ and it brought back the memories. Check out the trailer in the link below.

Showtime vs Beantown



March 3, 2010

Can we get Jessica, Nicole or Lindsay on the phone

Image is everything and in Hollywood, thin is good, fat is bad. Actresses, Singers and Celebrities who are famous for being famous know the pressure to stay thin. Even Oprah knows how the cameras love thin. No one wants to see a fat girl in front of the camera. Oprah would have never played Celie in the Color Purple because she was too big but she had a big role as Sofia but she could not be Celie. Gabourey Sidibe became a breakout star with Precious but she has some issues with people in regards to her weight. She was right for the role that she played because she is a huge woman. If the producers could have gotten Gabrielle Union in a fat suit, she could have played the role, but the producers wanted a real big girl and Gabourey was perfect. Ms. Sidibe is a novelty. Sadly, she is going to find out why actresses like Valerie Bertinelli are joining Jenny Craig.

Size 0 always sells



March 2, 2010

Murphy really need to revoke his law

If anyone could find a character that represents Murphy’s law it would be Gilligan. Yes, that Gilligan. No matter what Gilligan did, he would screw it up. All the times the Professor would come up with some way to leave the island here comes Gilligan. {Boom} Plan is dead because Gilligan did something stupid and he would do it over and over again but his fellow castaways would forgive him because they was stupid like him. Perhaps if they had gagged him and tied him up and prep their departure with him out of the way then perhaps they would have been rescued much earlier. Instead they spent years on the island all because of Gilligan. The U.S. Senate have turned into 100 Gilligans because they can get nothing right. These men and women have turned a simple process like voting on a bill into a game of tic-tac-toe. Nothing is getting done because the senators are playing tic-tac-toe and the game ends up in a draw meanwhile people awaiting unemployment benefits will have to wait until they get it in their heads that "the only winning move is not to play."

Pitching another no-hitter



March 1, 2010

Double standard, anyone

For the record, Brett Favre is God. Watching Favre play over the years have been exciting as a football fan and I suppose that is why the NFL put up with him retiring and un-retiring and they welcome him back with open arms. Twice in three years, Brett Favre has taken a team to the NFC Championship game and twice the team quarterbacked by Brett Favre has lost because 1) he threw an INT and 2) the other team won by a field goal in overtime. Bad break, right!! Well the NFL must read the Sports Guy because they have come up with a plan to deal with possessions in overtime. Team that scores a TD wins, but if they score a FG then the other team get the ball and if that team scores a FG then game goes into sudden death. Before you know it, they will be calling this one the Brett Favre rule and maybe Mr. Favre will be back for the 2010 season to try again.

Brett, the NFL is on the line


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