Where Did I Leave Off

•December 4, 2010 • 1 Comment


Nine months ago, I posted my last post. I was burned out after only 21 postings of my thoughts. It became a challenge to come up with new things to discuss here on my blog. I tried to touch on many subjects but I starting frying my brain and I had to step back. I thought I would miss a couple of postings and resume my postings but as time went by, I got lazy and didn’t want to post and nine months later, I’m back. So, the question is: am I am going to start posting again? Yes I am. Not two a week but I am going to post something each week. The day to post is still in the air but I need to share my thoughts so read and just feel me or not but at least read. Continue reading ‘Where Did I Leave Off’


Can I Be Your Pimp

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New Picture

People love to be on television. Somehow we want to be in front of that camera so that we can say “I was on TV.” To be fair, there are those who couldn’t allow themselves to be caught by the camera so they will do whatever to stay away from the camera but most of us want to be caught so we can have our moment. Continue reading ‘Can I Be Your Pimp’

In My Words

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Today, I want to share my words from my previous postings. There is still much to say but first a quick look back. Continue reading ‘In My Words’

Welcome To Greentown

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When Battlestar Galactica ended last year, a number of the fans were displeased with the ending which showed the survivors of the 12 colonies landing on a planet that they called Earth. Continue reading ‘Welcome To Greentown’

Separate But Equal

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The Wire will be considered one of the greatest shows ever to appear on television. The series told so many stories that one could view it as being real life. For example, in season 1 of The Wire the Eastside and the Westside came together for a game of basketball. Continue reading ‘Separate But Equal’

28 Days

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It’s March and Black History Month is officially over. During the month of February, America got to reflect on the history of Black Americans who have contributed to make this country better. Over the last few years, Black History Month has slowly become less relevant as our society becomes more diverse. Continue reading ’28 Days’

Trading Places, Again

•February 25, 2010 • 1 Comment


Remember Randolph and Mortimer Duke? These two pimps ran the Duke and Duke Commodities Brokers firm back in the “era of Reagan” and loved being rich and playing God at the same time. While engaging in a bet, the Duke Brothers stripped one of their employees of his wealth, prestige and job. Continue reading ‘Trading Places, Again’