Two Years Later Part 1

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Two Years Later is now posted at


Come check my new location

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Hello, for any visitor that find their way here, I want you to know that I no longer post at this site. My new site is

Moving On

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As of January 1st, I am moving all my postings to my new website: My Opinion by BRG

Here is the link to the new site:

This is an opportunity to change my identify and my message and what better way to do this is by starting anew with a new name and a new site. I coined myself R8RBOB because of my love for the Oakland RAIDERS and I will still be Raider Bob but I don’t want to associate my nickname which is based on sports with real shit that I like to discuss so from here out you may refer me as BRG which is my initials. I will be the same person but I will be on a different site. For those individuals who have visited my site in the past, I invite you to visit the new site. New post on Thursday.

Bobby R. Giles

What’s Done Is Done

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Happy Holidays!! For the third straight year, I will go into the Christmas holidays unemployed because I lost my job a week before Christmas. Whoever said life is easy? I suppose I should be disappointed and angry and miserable and sad but I can’t. I have been down this road and when you keep ending up on the same road you start to harden up. Continue reading ‘What’s Done Is Done’

Do We Make Due Or Make Do

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For the record, the phrase is “make do”

I had already typed out a column called “Can A Man Cry And Still Be A Man” and it was ready for Thursday but after a talk with my cousin and seeing this video, I just had to post this as a bonus. In the video, Greta Van Susteren and a video crew are in Haiti as part of a group which features Sarah Palin.  Continue reading ‘Do We Make Due Or Make Do’

Can A Man Cry And Still Be A Man

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When I was a young boy, I had the misfortune of falling off a swing backwards. This resulted in me landing on my chest and it hurt, real bad. So, I got up and started crying because I was in pain and I was having an issue with my breathing. I cried all the way home and once I got in the house, I was balling to my father about what happened. Continue reading ‘Can A Man Cry And Still Be A Man’

The Obama Tax Cuts!!!!!

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In honor of two movies celebrating 30 years and two of my favorites, I am going to use references from The Empire Strikes Back and Superman II. Just follow me because you are going to say hmmm…


183 Days!!!!! From July 7, 2009 until February 4, 2010, the United States Senate had a super-majority of 58 Democrats and 2 Independents that could defeat any filibuster. With the majority of Democrats in the House of Representatives, the President of the United States could get anything passed with no roadblocks. Just take a look at some of the acts that the 111th Congress passed during that period.

Continue reading ‘The Obama Tax Cuts!!!!!’